Year of the Spinning Mizgir. SLAVIC chronology.

The 7528th summer (in 2020) begins on March 20th. totem animal
of the year – Spinning misgir. He is the Spider, a revered insect among our
ancestors for the fact that he weaves super-nets. Web means skill
build relationships, maintain strong ties, both family and business.

1940, 1956, 1972, 1988, 2004, 2020 – Years of the Spinning Mizgir. Sign
Mizgirya is repeated every sixteen years.

This year, success is achieved by people who know how to find
like-minded people to establish and maintain relationships.

A person born under the sign of Mizgir is stable and
foresight, sincerity and devotion, kindness and
responsiveness (among his own), often becomes the guardian of traditions and
leader of his community (family).

Gifts for the New Year can be prepared taking into account the Slavic
calendar, not just Chinese. For example, donate porcelain
mice and rats with knitted napkins and other woven, like nets,

Until March 20, 2020, the previous sign is still in force – Soaring Eagle
and 7527 summer.

2020 по славянскому календарю

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