New Year mood.

New Year mood – what is it? Why are we so eager to have it? And
Is it possible to find and achieve it in the end? Why are we so violently from childhood
We need it, and when we don’t find it, we get upset?

It’s amazing how much our children’s associations with the new year are still
so far strong. And in childhood, everything was magical … The smell of a frost brought
live Christmas tree, then decorating it with the whole family with old Soviet
toys. The most important thing, of course, is that the star is in place. And further
waiting for someone magical to bring us gifts and fulfill
our dreams. For me, this expectation was very exciting and
magical moment, I unconditionally believed in Santa Claus and miracles,
sat and waited for him, struggling with sleep to the last.

And apparently, this belief remains with us even when we grow up. We
we continue to fantasize and wait for something good, better than in
Last year. It seems that we are not quite stale yet, and we continue
believe in miracles. And they keep coming true sometimes.

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