New Year’s decoration in Russia.

When I showed my European friends how we decorate interiors
and facades of houses for the new year in Russia, they were very surprised! After all, they have
classic New Year’s decoration is adopted everywhere using
a large number of natural materials. So classic, cute
forest eco style. What do we have?

And our designers never get bored!) Creativity does not sleep! We always
we want to surprise everyone with originality and non-standard approach. That’s why
New Year’s decorations are created in completely different styles – classic,
baroque, modern, minimalism, futurism! And it’s wonderful! This gives
the opportunity for designers to work in different styles and embody their own
creative ideas, starting from the appearance and interior of the building.

In Moscow interiors of restaurants and hotels you can see
designer Christmas trees of various colors – white, gold, red and even
black. Many of these solutions look very impressive and cause
a sense of pride in the courage and imagination of our designers and decorators.

There is also a tendency to surprise in the design of private houses.
Surprise your friends or make your neighbors jealous.) Now more and more people
order outdoor lighting design of country houses, as it is a long time ago
accepted in America, and also draw up the main zones in the house to create
New Year’s mood – a fireplace, stairs, and of course they order
designer tree.

Примеры новогоднего оформления в современной России 2020

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