New Year party. What to celebrate the new year 2023.

Here I will describe my meta and plans for the celebration of the new year-
2023 Astrologers recommend celebrating this new year magnificently, but with
taste. Do not be lazy to decorate your home and beautifully set the table in
white tones. Recommendations for clothes on New Year’s Eve also converge.
to one – white, discreet makeup and elegance.

Since at the moment I live in two countries – Russia and Austria, I
I thought for a long time where to celebrate the upcoming holiday. In the end, the choice fell on
Austria, as there are mountains here, a real winter fairy tale and the opportunity
get together with a big group of friends!

How I see my New Year’s ball. I’d like to have a party in the barn
which is next to our apartment. This is a huge old
a wooden barn that used to be part of a farm and now serves
for storing equipment, holding local events, etc. It would be
great to decorate it with live needles in a classic natural
European style and hang garlands of light bulbs! Also I want
put a large live Christmas tree in the center and decorate
her candles and antique toys to make her look like
Christmas trees looked a hundred years ago. Set up long tables
beautiful tablecloths, add candles and New Year’s compositions to the center
table … and the holiday is ready! It remains only to plan the menu, think over
music and discuss the dress code. I would really like all the girls
were in dresses!

Let’s see if I can make it this year. There’s a lot ahead
Christmas decorating for my clients…

В чём встречать 2020 год

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