New Year in Europe.

I went to meet the New Year in Austria with a little apprehension, because
that everyone told me that Europeans do not celebrate the new year, they
celebrate only Christmas, and almost the second of January the whole holiday
rolls up. My Austrian friends said that after Christmas even
it is problematic to find a Christmas tree, because they are sold only until December 24!

Luckily, we managed to find a small Christmas tree and decorations
to her, and our Russian New Year was saved!

As for the holiday – everything is the same as ours. Everyone gathers with families or
friends at home, eat prepared meals and drink alcohol.
The only thing is, maybe the dress code is a little simpler, well, they drink
mostly beer. But I think this is generally true for
Europe. For us, beer is a non-holiday drink.

After midnight fireworks begin to rattle. Even in our
small village fireworks exploded everywhere. It was very beautiful! AT
In general, the new year in Europe is celebrated, as well as many other
holidays, which they have much more than we do! A lot more
reasons to get together with friends and have a drink. )

As a result, the city’s New Year’s decorations and trees stand almost to the end.
January. Yes, people go to work earlier, but the New Year’s holiday
mood is maintained.

Как празднуют новый год в Европпе

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