Modern trends in New Year’s decoration of houses in Russia.

As a decorator, I am very glad that the habit of decorating beautifully and comfortably
interiors for the new year and Christmas came to us, and is developing with
every year more and more. What’s more, I’ll say it now
creations of Russian decorators can compete for the world championship,
and it’s very nice. Demand creates supply, standard of living
is gradually growing (at least in Moscow), and more people can
allow yourself to create your own New Year’s fairy tale.

Despite the large number of requests for registration in various
creative styles, the query is still in the lead: “I want a European
classic merry christmas to cute and cozy like in europe.” That’s why
the red and gold color scheme in the design of houses remains the most
popular. The only pity is that not everyone decides on a living Christmas tree,
as a savings, they most often buy artificial for
multiple use. Because real European comfort and
charm can only be created using natural spruce branches
and materials. But we try and make it as beautiful as possible
desires of our clients.

Тенденции оформления домов в России

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