How to properly decorate an artificial Christmas tree.

You brought home a New Year’s beauty you just bought. It seems that decorating a Christmas tree is easy. But this is only at first glance. As a result, it can take several hours, and the result will not be very encouraging. Therefore, we give here instructions on how to save your time and energy, and most importantly – to get the desired beautiful result.

So, you unpacked the Christmas tree from the boxes, laid out its components on the floor. Next, you compose them together, insert numbered branches into the levels of the Christmas tree. After that, you can begin to fluff them. Fluffing the branches can take half an hour – an hour of time, but this is a very important process that will create a fluffy volumetric shape of your Christmas tree. An unfluffed Christmas tree can look bare, liquid and ugly. It may seem that you were deceived in the store, and you bought a bad Christmas tree. In fact, you just need to spend time straightening the branches, and the desired effect will not be long in coming. A beautiful thick base is one third of success.

Next, we proceed to winding the LED garlands. We use LED garlands of thread on thin wires. They glow very beautifully and imperceptibly wrap around the Christmas tree. An even distribution of garlands is the next 30% of success in decorating a Christmas tree. Make sure that there is no crowding and thick tangles in one place. The front branches, which are in plain sight, can be highlighted a little more abundantly. And don’t forget the top. The light thread should wrap around it beautifully.

Let’s get to the Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree looks most impressive when the toys are located at different levels – both outside and in depth. This gives it volume and luxury. Therefore, if the budget allows a lot of toys, hang the most beautiful toys on the front outer branches, and hang the rest inside the Christmas tree. New Year’s toys are most convenient and most reliable to attach to small green wires. Arrange decorations in a checkerboard pattern, evenly. Larger toys – to the bottom. Lighter, smaller – on top and at the tips of the branches. This is the final third of the success of a beautiful Christmas tree. We fix the top, and the symbol of the new year is ready!

Under the Christmas tree, you can put beautiful gift boxes, New Year’s figures of animals and Santa Claus, put beautiful pillows and blankets. And you can arrange a New Year’s photo session at home!

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