Christmas decoration in European style.

For the last six months I have been living in Austria a lot and traveling around Europe –
Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, England. So I decided to write my observations.
about local interior design and in particular about the New Year

Europeans value their history, national culture and traditional
architecture. It is preserved both in cities and in very small villages … they
very cherish and guard it! The interiors are full of old antiques.
furniture, various authentic details. That is the local national style
maintained throughout all these centuries and up to the present day! They are proud
its uniqueness, its history, ancient traditions and national

In contrast to this, it seems to me that modern Russian cities now
there is no longer any characteristic historical portrait of the internal and

I celebrated last New Year in Austria and watched closely
Christmas decoration of shops, restaurants and houses. Everyone dress up for
Christmas, but the decorations remain hanging almost until the end of January.

What is characteristic of European Christmas decor? it
naturalness and naturalness in everything. Live Christmas trees are used everywhere and
living spruce branches. The design itself is classic, no
experimental color schemes and stylized scenery. Colors in
mostly red or gold, lots of vintage toys and use
a large number of natural materials – cones, branches, wooden
cuts. This is what a real European merry Christmas looks like! All
blends with the surrounding nature and architecture.

Примеры новогоднего оформления в европейском стиле

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